Frost Consulting

Frost Consulting is a leading authority on the global investment research procurement value chain and related market structure/regulatory change.  The rapid evolution of regulatory/ asset owner oversight of the research ecosystem has financial, operational and fiduciary implications for all market participants.


Frost assists a wide variety of clients in developing commercial and operational strategies to maximize revenue/alpha generation, optimize distribution and mitigate risk in a rapidly changing commercial environment.


Alpha Generation - Ontology-based semantic research management solutions.


Research Valuation - Models to develop asset-manager specific research valuation  



   FrostRB is a highly customizable Research/Valuation software  platform that allows asset    managers to construct multi-asset class research budgets to meet European regulation.


Research Payments - Post MiFID II, the only way for European managers to use

                                          commission to buy research will be via CSA funded Research

                                          Payment Accounts (RPAs).  Managers with a limited CSA program

                                          will have to rapidly construct a CSA infrastructure to handle the 

                                          vast majority of their equity trades.  Frost is a market leader in 

                                          integrated vendor-neutral CSA solutions.


MiFID II Research Process Diagnostic - "Audit" of the manager's current research

                                          procurement process to assess preparation and likely compliance

                                          with MiFID II requirements.


Risk Mitigation - Regulatory/client reporting, CSA optimization.


Managing Regulatory Change - The origins of the current economic and regulatory model governing the institutional research business date back to the (US) Securities and Exchange Act of 1934.  This venerable framework is on the cusp of transformative change.  Frost helps asset managers, plan sponsors, banks and other market particpants understand and capitalize on regulatory change.


Frost Consulting is an active participant in industry and regulatory discussions on related issues.

Leveraging Applied Analysis


Frost employs proprietary customizable

data/analytical tools to model the revenue,

cost and ROI implications of various

strategy options.  These are combined

with substantial experience with

software vendors in related disciplines to

create cost-effective solutions that deliver

comparative advantage.

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Frost has specific solutions for:


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Investment Banks/Brokers

Research Content Producers


Technology Companies

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