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FrostDB Research Database 

"Mission Critical" Data for Manager Research Transparency 

FrostDB is the world's largest research strategy database.  It compares research spending globally by category allowing both asset managers and asset owners to benchmark research spending.  Critical variables include location and research funding methodology (Client Money vs. P&L).

The Frost Research Spending Database is a Mission-Critical management tool for the post-MiFID II environment. Understand how the research spending of your funds/strategies compares to your peers based on multiple variables including asset class, investment style, AUM, payment type and target market.


Essential data for dealing with clients, regulators and internal departments. Critical for analyzing Research ROI.

Managers can submit data to receive benchmarked analysis or request data.

It allows managers to address critical issues:

Managers Using Client Money

  • Are we a statistical outlier? (Better to know)

  • If so, how will we explain this to clients?

  • Why is this important to our process?

Managers Using P&L

  • How do we compare to our peers?

  • and managers using client money?

  • Are our strategy research budgets competitive?

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Use the database and related models to allocate firm-wide research budgets to strategies and funds.

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