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Recent/Upcoming Events

Frost Consulting participation in various industry forums.

Institutional Investor Derivatives Summit

Pennyhill Park, June 28/29, 2018

Institutional Investor UK & Ireland Pension Summit

London, Jun 14/15, 2018

Institutional Investor Asset Manager COO/CFO Roundtable

Geneva, June 12/13, 2018

Institutional Investor Nordic Pension Summit

Stockholm, March 20/21, 2018

European Capital Markets Institute (Centre for European Policy Studies) MiFID II Research Implementation

Brussels, Jan. 17, 2018

Evercore Webinar – MiFID II Inflection Point

New York, Oct. 27th, 2018

Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Service Conference – The Missing Link in MiFID II

London, Oct. 18, 2017

BCA Investment Conference

New York, September 28th

Crisil/S&P Capital IQ - Research Unbundling Conference

London, Sept. 21, 2017

Institutional Investor International Trader Forum

Barcelona, Sept. 6 - 8

Institutional Investor Fixed Income/Credit


Amsterdam, June 30th

McKinsey Asset Manager CEO Conference

London, June 27

Institutional Investor Fixed Income Trading

Madrid, May 18

Institutional Investor COO/CFO Conference

June, 21, Copenhagen

MiFID II Research Funding Issues

Institutional Investor European CIO Roundtable

March 1, 2017 - Madrid

CFA Society of Denmark Payment for Research

Copenhagen, March 2, 2017

The Future of Research - Bloomberg

New York, April 6, 2017

The Role of Asset Owners in the Market for Investment Research

Edinburgh, Oct. 12

Unbundling Uncovered

London, Nov. 3

Institutional Investor International Trader Forum

Rome, Sept. 7/8

Institutional Investor Financial Technology Forum

San Diego, June 22 - 24

Research ValuationInstitutional Investor CFO/COO Conference

Munich June 7

Research Valuation Institutional Investor Asia Trader Forum

Hong Kong, May 25/26

Bloomberg Research Panel

April 26, 2016, Frankfurt Trade Tech

Research Valuation Paris

April 12/13 CFA UK

Best Practices in Research Payment post MiFID II Fixed Income Research Valuation

March 17, London

BVI Investment Conference

Frankfurt March 8, 2016

“Research Valuation” Insitutional Investor Chief Investment Officers Conference

Presentation: “A Factor-Based Multi Asset Class Research Valuation/Budgeting Framework”

Frankfurt, March 2/3, 2016

Blooomberg MiFID II - What to Expect and How to Prepare

“Research Session”

London, Feb. 4th 2016

Institutional Investor Winter Trader Forum

New York, Jan. 13/14, 2016

London School of Economics Finance Conference - The Future of Research

London, Dec. 7

FactSet The New Research Environment

London, Dec. 1

CopalAmba -MiFID II - Research ROI Breakfast

London, Nov. 20th

Neonet -MiFID II and Unbundlng

Copenhagen, Nov. 5

Substantive Research Unbundling Uncovered Conference

London, Nov. 3

Neonet - MiFID II and Unbundling

Stockholm, Oct. 13th

Institutional Investor Asset Manager Chief Executive Officer Roundtable

Budapest, October 1 - 2

Institutional Investor International Trader Forum

Madrid, September 9 - 11

New York Society of Securities Analysts

June 30th, New York

Insitutional Investor European Asset Manager CFO/COO Conference

Madrid, June 9 - 10

CFA Society of Hong Kong

June 5th, 2015

Institutional Investor Asia Trader Forum

Hong Kong, June 2 - 3, 2015

Liquidnet Hot Topics in Commission Management

New York, October 9, 2014

Institutional Investor International Trader Forum

Berlin, September 8, 2014

Presentation: Rubicon for Equity Research Payments

UK CFA Society- CFA UK/CFA Institute White Paper on Research Valuation

London, September 3, 2014

Presentation: Changing Role of the Analyst: New Skill Sets Required

Copal Amba - Annual Offshoring Strategy Conference,

Bangalore, April 3-4, 2014

Presentation: The Future of Research Technology

International Capital Markets Association “Regulatory Inflection Point”

London, December 18, 2013

Institutional Investor

I.I. European Chief Investment Officer Roundtable - London, March 2011

I.I. Head Trader Forum - Barcelona, September 2011

I.I. European Chief Investment Officer Roundtable - Amsterdam, April 2012

I.I. Benelux Pension Roundtable - Noordwijk, April 2012

I.I. Nordic Pension Roundtable - Stockholm, May 2012

I.I. Asset Manager COO/CFO Conference, Frankfurt, June 2012

I.I. International Trader Forum, Madrid, September 2012

I.I. Winter Trader Forum - New York, January 2013

I.I. US CIO Roundtable - New York, February 2013

I.I. Head Trader Forum - Lisbon, September 2013

I.I. Chief Compliance Officer Roundtable - London, November 2013

I.I. Winter Trader Forum - New York, February 2014

I.I. European CIO Roundtable - London, March 2014

I.I. International Trader Forum - Berlin, September 2014


Bloomberg - Inflection Point for Institutional Equities?

Buy and Sell-Side Presentations - London - Feb. 2013

A Survival Guide for Institutional Equities: How to Navigate a Changing Landscape

London, June 5, 2013

Mitigating CSA Risks

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Markit - Commission Management Seminar

London, November 18, 2013

CFA Society of the UK Research Analyst Special Interest Group

London, June 5, 2014

The Extinction of Sell-Side Research and What It Means for Asset Managers

London, May 2013

Evolving Asset Manager Research Consumption

London, September 2013

Optimizing Equity Research ROI

London, June 2013

Optimizing Equity Research ROI

New York, May 2013

Investment Management Association: Research Review Advisory Panel

Open Meeting, London, July 2012

“Broker Vote and CSAs” COOConnect Understanding How Fund Managers Purchase Research

Breakfast Briefing - October 18, 2013


Economist Magazine

The Accuracy of Investment Research - Consistently Wrong - Download

Analyse This (Research Spending) - /perch/resources/economist-analyse-this-the-economics-of-equity-research.pdf

Financial Times

Banks take Amazon Approach to Research - Download

Bloomberg News

Wall Street Cuts Down on Sharing of Analyst Notes - Download

Investement Management Association

Formation of Research Review Advisory Panel

Brief: To produce a White Paper on the funding of research - Download

eFinancial News

FCA Commission Review Tipped for Global Impact - Download

My Investors Circle Magazine - June 2013

Interview with Neil Scarth on Research Procurement - Download

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