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Selected reference projects

The following are an abridged assortment of Frost's assignments.

Major Sovereign Wealth Fund/Global Asset Manager

Designed an ontology-driven search archictecture that overlayed the SWF's investement process to unify a fragmented corpus of internal and external research and communications.

Objectives included:

- Creating a dynamic central depository
- Facilitating collaboration between asset classes
- Leveraging fragmented intellectual capital

Global Asset Manager

Constructed detailed research benchmarks designed to allow plan sponsor clients to assess risk in the content procurement strategies of their underlying asset managers.

Metrics Included:

- Research valuation benchmarks
- Research concentration risks
- Style/Mandate adjusted benchmarks

Global Investment Educational/Standards Organization

Produced a White Paper on Approaches to Research Valuation for the key global professional designation-granting organization of institutional investment managers.

Flexible analytical templates allowed investors to:

- Customize valuation methodologies
- Acheive regulatory compliance
- Increase research spending ROI
- Facilitate client/regulatory reporting

Regional Investment Bank

Completed a detailed multi-market analysis of revenue potential from the launch of CSA products.

Product Plan Incorporated:

- Multi-variate client analysis
- 3rd party CSA software selection
- Operational interface
- Product design and launch

Global Custodial Bank

Created a series of new strategic options for several of their business lines as a result of rapid regulatory and market structure change.

Business Included:

- Equity sales and trading
- Equity research
- Optimized CSA platform

Worldwide Industry Association

Optimized digital research production and distribution for a global industry association of commodity producers.

Steps Included:

- Optimizing research production process
- Creating customized taxonomy
- Optimizing design for research aggregators

Mid-Tier Global Equity Manager

Overhauled the manager's "traditional" research commission allocation system to become compliant with new UK FCA regulations. Working with the investment team, developed firm-specific research budgeting approaches that reflected the firm's investment process and products.

- Durable, inobtrusive, documented, iterative budgeting process
- Eliminated fund cross-subsidization
- Client/consultant/regulator ready
- Buy-in from senior management/legal/compliance

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